Again, this is a dated goal in the day of social media.  Students communicate with each other through so many means that describing it might be dated by the time I hit “Publish.”  A Student Newspaper is only as good as the influence it has, so whereas students can get information and ideas from whomever […]

I remember the student demonstrations during the first Bush Iraq War, and there hasn’t been much in the way of full-blown riots on campus in quite some time.  We can thank the 1970’s at places like Berkeley and Kent State for securing freedom and tolerance of expression at Universities across this country.  Instead of being […]

Many journalists today lean to the left.  There is a skill in hiding one’s views when writing objective journalism, yet there are so many “truths” today that are different than they were fifty years that it is hard to ignore.  This country has moved beyond the Founders.  This country is tired of raw capitalism where the […]

National and cable network news has generally been center-left with the exception of Fox News, although we have to realize that the term “media” implies more than just the news.  Fox Entertainment, for instance, is where “The Simpsons” started and they do not object to a progressive agenda.  The media in general has been supportive […]

The shapeless and meaningless form of sculpture seems to be the artistic norm of today.  Any art form that hints at realism is seen as archaic and old-fashion.  What is the purpose of defining beauty down?  I suppose it’s all in the goal of accepting other points of view.  Who are you to say what […]

Who knew that “art” was so important in the 1950’s.  This medium of supposed “culture” has been overtaken by movies, television, and music.  The promotion of “ugliness, repulsive, and meaningless art” has, I guess, been achieved by the standards of the 1950’s.   The Denver Art Museum, for instance, has a shape and an introductory sculpture […]

Free speech and free press has been a saving grace for these last number of decades.  Ideas can NOT be banned, and therefore expressions of those ideas cannot be banned.  This particular goal passed its tipping point when libraries would not or could not restrict internet access to pornography on their systems.  Society needs to decide […]